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Xanthan Gum Filtration Solutions


Latest company case about Xanthan Gum Filtration Solutions

Xanthan Gum Final Filtration System Case


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Xanthan gum is an important industrial raw material, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine and other fields


Xanthan gum needs to be extracted with ethanol in large-scale industrial production. The extract (used ethanol) needs to be distilled to increase the concentration and purity before being reused. However, some xanthan gum is dissolved in the extract. During the distillation process, xanthan gum The glue will precipitate into a solid state and adhere to the distillation tray. A small amount of adhesion will reduce the distillation efficiency and increase energy consumption. A large amount of adhesion will directly cause the distillation device to be unable to work and halt production. The existing technology does not directly send the extract liquid to the distillation device for distillation. It stops working for about a week, and the distillation system is opened to clean the trays. After cleaning, the trays can be distilled again. This not only wastes manpower and material resources, but also hinders the continuous progress of production. Large-scale In order to ensure continuous production, manufacturers can only equip two sets of distillation systems. While cleaning one set, they turn on the other to achieve continuous production, which generates a lot of waste.


The final xanthan gum liquid is in a very thick state, with impurity particles of varying sizes and containing a large amount of floc. A filter layer system is required to complete the final filtration work.


In order to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. Yate launches a fully automatic external scraper filter + bag parallel filter system for you. With a filtration precision of 200 microns, you can perfectly complete the filtration work and get the liquid you ultimately need.

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