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Latest company case about Sunflower Oil Filtration Case

Sunflower Oil Filtration Case

Sunflower oil filtration case   Sunflower seed oil is a vegetable oil extracted from sunflower seed kernels. The content of vitamin E in the oil exceeds that of most vegetable oils. Eating sunflower seed oil is beneficial to human health and is favored by consumers in the market. So today Please ask the engineer of Shandong Yate Filtration Material Co., Ltd. to introduce the sunflower seed oil filtration process in detail. Let’s take a look together.   Pretreatment - grinding - leaching - degreasing - sedimentation - filtration - deodorization     You can clearly see that there are four parts in the picture above: bag filter, core filter, sanitary electric centrifugal pump, and trolley.   1.Bag Filter: The bag filter adopts simple and fast switch operation to minimize downtime; the filters adopt the industry-recognized lifting ring quick-opening and rocker lifting ring quick-opening designs, which are safe and reliable; the side-entry conflict design ensures that the liquid can be completely Discharge, the tangent position of the height can be reduced; it is more convenient to install pipelines.   2.Cartridge Filter: The pleated filter element filter is made of SUS316L or SUS304 stainless steel. It uses the pleated filter element as the filter element. It can filter gas, liquid, particles and bacteria above 0.1 micron, with high filtration precision, fast filtration speed, less adsorption, and no media shedding. It has the advantages of no leakage, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, and rice flushing function. It is an ideal filtration equipment for biomedical pure water, food and beverage, biochemical water treatment and other industries.   3.Pump:  Pumps are divided into two forms, namely pneumatic diaphragm pumps and electric centrifugal pumps. The differences are as follows: Pneumatic diaphragm pump: suitable for viscous liquids. If the liquid to be filtered is as viscous as honey, a pneumatic diaphragm pump is needed. A pneumatic diaphragm pump needs to be used with an air compressor. The air compressor is a very common small device that you can buy anywhere. Electric centrifugal pump: suitable for liquids without viscosity like milk. If you want to filter high-quality wine, you need to use an explosion-proof electric centrifugal pump.   4. About the trolley The size of the trolley is customizable and will adjust to the size of the device, making it easier to move the filters while you are in use. If you don’t need a stroller, that’s fine too                                                      
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Latest company case about Xanthan Gum Filtration Solutions

Xanthan Gum Filtration Solutions

Xanthan Gum Final Filtration System Case       Xanthan gum is an important industrial raw material, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine and other fields   Xanthan gum needs to be extracted with ethanol in large-scale industrial production. The extract (used ethanol) needs to be distilled to increase the concentration and purity before being reused. However, some xanthan gum is dissolved in the extract. During the distillation process, xanthan gum The glue will precipitate into a solid state and adhere to the distillation tray. A small amount of adhesion will reduce the distillation efficiency and increase energy consumption. A large amount of adhesion will directly cause the distillation device to be unable to work and halt production. The existing technology does not directly send the extract liquid to the distillation device for distillation. It stops working for about a week, and the distillation system is opened to clean the trays. After cleaning, the trays can be distilled again. This not only wastes manpower and material resources, but also hinders the continuous progress of production. Large-scale In order to ensure continuous production, manufacturers can only equip two sets of distillation systems. While cleaning one set, they turn on the other to achieve continuous production, which generates a lot of waste.   The final xanthan gum liquid is in a very thick state, with impurity particles of varying sizes and containing a large amount of floc. A filter layer system is required to complete the final filtration work.   In order to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. Yate launches a fully automatic external scraper filter + bag parallel filter system for you. With a filtration precision of 200 microns, you can perfectly complete the filtration work and get the liquid you ultimately need.
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Latest company case about Introduction To The Fully Automatic Internal Scraper Filter And Bag Filter Series System In The Honey Industry

Introduction To The Fully Automatic Internal Scraper Filter And Bag Filter Series System In The Honey Industry

Background:   In the honey processing industry, there are three honey production processes: concentration technology, purification technology, and resin adsorption and removal technology. Among them, concentration technology is the most common and most mature technology in honey production lines. In recent years, honey processing techniques in various countries have been continuously innovated, and the technological processes have gradually become consistent. However, the choice of honey processing technology still requires appropriate processing based on the characteristics of different honeys, especially considering that high temperature will affect the active ingredients in honey. Nowadays, many advanced and high-end honey manufacturers no longer use high temperature and concentration processes. Honey production companies More leaning towards cold filtration technology. It can be seen that the honey filtration process is a very critical link in the entire honey production process.   Challenge:   According to the reality of beekeeping, bulk separated honey from bee farms often contains impurities such as wax shavings, larvae, and bee corpses. It is very unsightly in appearance and gives people a sense that the product quality is not up to standard, thus affecting the quality of the product. Its seller and product positioning. Therefore, these impurities in raw honey must be filtered out, but during the honey filtration process, the beneficial ingredients in honey - pollen - will also be filtered out. Therefore, how to choose a suitable honey filter and honey filter is an issue that must be considered when designing a honey production line. Production process: It can be seen from the honey production process that the honey filter runs through the entire honey production line. From the initial coarse filtration to the later precision filtration and the final security filtration before the finished tank.   Solution:   The first coarse filtering of honey: Purpose of filtration: to remove impurities and a small amount of larger crystals. Honey is roughly filtered to remove dead bees, larvae, wax residue and other impurities in the honey. Honey filter selection: If it is a large-volume honey production line, it is recommended to use Yate's fully automatic internal scraper self-cleaning filter.   Advantage: 1. It can achieve a production capacity of 2000-5000 kilograms per hour to achieve efficient production. 2. The filter in the honey filter can be easily disassembled and cleaned, allowing the factory to select the appropriate filter screen size according to different honey varieties. 3. This honey filtering equipment can automatically scrape off impurities on the surface of the honey filter to prevent clogging of the filter, and can also automatically discharge sewage according to time. 4. Reduces manual operation and maintenance costs. 5. Reduces the cost of consumables and waste disposal of filter bags or filters. 6. The filter is made of stainless steel 316, with food-grade polishing on the surface and can be cleaned by CIP.   Fully automatic self-cleaning filter:     The second honey filtering process:   Purpose of filtration: to remove remaining impurities and a small amount of larger crystals in honey. Honey filter selection: Due to precision filtration, Zhuopin Technology engineers recommend using a bag filter equipped with a nylon screen filter bag.   Bag filter:     The third security filtration of finished honey:   Purpose of filtration: The last filtration is to prevent unfiltered impurities and crystals from the previous stage and ensure the quality of the finished honey.   Honey filter selection: Security Filtration also recommends using Art filter material bag filters equipped with nylon screen filter bags with stable filtration efficiency.   Nylon filter bag:     For 12 years, Shandong Yate Filtration Materials' professional technical team has been pursuing improving product quality, increasing productivity, reducing production costs and waste treatment costs, and reducing manual operations in dangerous sections. Relying on Yate's filter material engineers' many years of rich experience in on-site use of filter equipment, Yate Filtration Materials is committed to providing overall solutions for filtration and separation in the production processes of petrochemical, fine chemical, food and beverage industries. If you want to know the detailed technical information and operation matters in the honey filtration process, please contact Shandong Yate Filtration Material Engineer: WhatsApp: +86 18366503918 Email:
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